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The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the country in just a handful of weeks and with this new situation we’re here to take care of our employees and our customers. So I think that’s really our number one focus, and what we’re really trying to do is to meet those objectives.

With a storm, you can see the wind coming, you can see the rain. You can see an end in sight. We’ve been having conversations about how this equates to Coronavirus, and although the need is very similar … there is not really a clear end in sight on when we think we will be out of this. On a daily basis, we’re monitoring trends, so we can forecast an estimate on when we think we’ll be out of this. But unlike a storm, we just can’t see it.

So, I want to share a bit of what’s been going on behind the scenes at the company these last two weeks.

First, we’re focused on the health and safety of our employees and families. Here are some steps we’ve taken: remote working since day number one, social distancing, new internal procedures, introduction of a risk assessment process, enhanced communication and collaboration, … Our objective is clear: the safety and health of our employees is our top.

Second, as business is continuing we are hiring new employees and going forward with the internal career plans. We value and hear all the ideas about new ways to improve. Our engage with our staff is maximum as we have grown together.

Third, we are maintaining a remarkable level of stability for customers as the coronavirus pandemic wears on. We are very fortunate in that we were ready to work in this new situation, so we have resources at our fingertips to work as usual and support and guidance to our customers. So we want to play a unique role in your businesses allowing you to have some comfort and calm.

Fourth, during this pandemic time, we are going to support healthcare related projects with our amazing partner: we will provide healthcare solutions for the health workers, hospitals, other organizations that are dealing with the health issue and so forth. And of course we will support NGO, because when you support the people that are suffering, you are going to encourage others to come forward and help.

Any experience, we learn from, and we continue to get better. This moment demands patience, generosity and the best of us.

That’s all I wanted to share with you. Stay safe and healthy and keep up a positive spirit. 🙂

P.S. If you want something completely escapist and delightfully odd, go here. 🎧

Kindest regards.

Javier Arquelladas. CEO Omega CRM.

Omega CRM

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