Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX)

UAX University launches into Digital Transformation

The project

For more than 25 years the University Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX) has been educating students, nurturing their personal growth and development as leaders of society. The University was founded with the clear purpose of transforming the world and making the latest in innovation available to their students, within their vast educational offering: Degree, Postgraduate Degree, Master’s degree, PhD, Educational Cycles, Doctoral Degrees.

In the year 2019 UAX embarks on a process of Digital Transformation with the objective of setting up a student centered focus, which enables the student to be provided with a personalized experience. As part of this process of Digital Transformation, UAX requires a CRM platform that enables support of commercial processes like recruitment and admission. Moreover, this platform needs to be flexible and scalable in order to offer support to the commercial processes of the University’s possible future needs.

The challenge was
  • Unifying all the data in a normalized database, integrated in the Academic Management System that allows UAX to have a 360 view of the student.
  • Homogenizing and optimizing the commercial processes of recruitment and admission of UAX students for the different degrees of the lines of business of UAX.
  • Implementing a platform that enables UAX to create and automate the sending of personalized messages through the key channels: telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS; allowing the design of actionable journeys at any point of the recruitment and/ or admission process, automating the interactions with the student.
We apply solutions

UAX selects Omega as a partner for the implementation of the Salesforce platform, carrying out the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud as a CRM tool and Marketing Cloud as a Marketing Automation tool.

Omega collaborates with UAX in the definition and implementation of the commercial processes of recruitment and admission within the Salesforce platform, carrying out the activation of the main communication channels at UAX: telephone, e-mail, SMS and WhatApp, as well as the integration with the Academic Management System of UAX.

The data architecture designed by Omega for UAX is based on the EDA (Education Data Architecture) of Salesforce with the purpose of facilitating a 360-degree view of the student through the centralization of personal information as well as any data from the different relations this contact might have within and outside the UAX.

Moreover, Omega carries out the implementation of the Marketing Cloud and its integration with Salesforce, enabling UAX to run and design multichannel campaigns.  Furthermore, since 2019 Omega has worked with UAX on the maintenance of the platform, as well as on the development of new functions.

Omega CRM
The results

Thanks to the implementation of Salesforce, UAX is able to dispose of a unique tool for the centralized management of commercial processes involving candidates and students, while maintaining a complete overview and tracking of the correspondence and different activities undertaken with said contacts.

The homogenization and automation of the tasks on the platform has enabled UAX to optimize the commercial processes, equipping the UAX team with a greater productivity in management and facilitating a focus on those tasks that have an added value for the University.

Moreover, UAX has access to a real time view of the state and results of the different commercial actions and KPI’s, allowing for a general view of the opportunities funnel and facilitating the decision making process.


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