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This is the way we are

What we stand for. Perhaps the origin of our name best explains our mission.

OMEGA is the title of an album by Enrique Morente and Lagartija Nick on which flamenco and rock and roll are mixed to pay tribute to Lorca and Leonard Cohen. It is an exercise in connecting genres which nobody had dared to combine before and from which an innovative and unique artistic work emerged that transformed the art of music.

This is what inspired the founders to choose this name for the company: They felt the same need to connect with companies and clients in a surprising and innovative way.

Omega CRM
Omega CRM

For us, being connected digitally implies a better life. This is why we work on a daily basis to carry out our vision:

Contributing to the creation of a better society by bringing digitalization closer to people and organizations.


Working together sharing the same set of values is what defines us as a company.

What makes our clients choose us and turns our collaborators into allies.



We are a company for whom the well-being of the team is our priority. We encourage an involved, collaborative culture, rooted in our company values: Talent, flexibility, commitment and innovation.

We form a versatile and committed team that understands and deals with the challenges our clients face with an innovative approach, offering the solution that is best suited to the needs of the client in order to fulfill his/her expectations.

We apply a methodology based on continuous and developmental support throughout the entire process, in very close collaboration with our clients. Together we create unique client experiences which, in turn, contribute to the building of a better society while bringing the digitalization closer to people and organizations. #togetherwegrow

Proposal 2030
Proposal 2030

Working together to build a better society.

Every effort or initiative, however small, can cause a positive impact on society.

We are aware of the challenges that we are currently facing as a society and we are firm in our commitment to collaborate actively in dealing with them. We know a better society is possible and we are working to achieve this goal through different types of action that benefit our employees as well as our surroundings and society in general.

We are launching initiatives such as “Omega in Action”, through which we collaborate with different non-profits in order to help them achieve their goals, or “WO&MEN TECH”, an initiative through which we try to develop the role of women in a sector with great job opportunities and potential, such as the technology sector. We have also included the objectives laid out in the UN’s 2030 Agenda into our corporate strategy.

We are also making a continuous effort to offer a positive working environment to our employees. To this end we rely on plans like Omega Wellness, to promote health, or our plans to facilitate work-life balance.

Omega CRM