Innovation in Customer experience

Digital transformation is already a reality, faced by clients and brands together. It is an opportunity to offer truly relevant experiences which help them to connect in a different way. A chance to innovate in order to accelerate business.

Omega 360

a customer – centric digital ecosystem

We work with every project in an integral way, creating a digital ecosystem that allows us to expand our view of the client, identifying and enriching every point of contact on the customer journey through relevant, lasting and unique brand experiences.

Customer Experience Strategy

Know - Right person

Customer Data Ingestion, Harmonization & Orchestration.

The foundation on which every business is built, is called customer relations, with potential as well as existing customers. Accordingly, getting to know the customer is key and having a complete view of the customer throughout the entire life cycle, gathering information at all the points of contact with the brand and applying intelligence in order to offer the best possible service or product.

As specialists in customer management tools (selling cycle, after sales service and loyalty). We collect customer data, arrange and harmonize them, in order to obtain a holistic and integral client view.

We offer strategic consulting services, implementation of solutions and continuous support, in order to take the best possible advantage of all the existing technological advances and always with a focus on business.

Committed to business, we are a “relationship company” not a “transactions company” where the client comes first. Accordingly, the main areas in which our services are available, are:

  • Customer 360 Data Platform (CDP)
  • CRM Sales & Services
  • Multi-cloud Platforms Integration
  • Customer Managed Services
Personalize - Right channel

Omnichannel Customer Real-time Interaction (RTIM).

Offers the best possible experience when a customer arrives at your point of sale (physical or digital).

We design, create and optimize all channels of sales and customer relations, characteristic of your organization. With a strategic vision we conceptualize and design a 360 experience for your client, focusing on the orchestration of the different channels and enhancing engagement with your brand in order to generate unique buying experiences as well as lasting relationships.

The main areas in which we operate are:

Engage - Right Moment

Convergence of Marketing & Tech through Experiences.

Power without control is useless.” We help you to take control of the technology in order to take maximum advantage of the technological platforms and optimize all the points on your customer journey which provide a 360 view of your client. From the capture of anonymous data until the conversion into a client for life.

We amplify your marketing strategy through technology, designing innovative digital solutions, implementing the most groundbreaking tools on the market for the activation of campaigns and their subsequent analysis and optimization, through a service of continuous support, always adapting to your needs.

Our main areas of operation are:

  • Display Programmatic
  • Video Programmatic
  • Audiences Management
  • Media Mix Digital Advertising
  • Activation & Extension
  • Online advertising

Omega 360 CX = Real Time (Right person + Right Channel + Right Moment)

To broaden the view of our client, identifying and enriching every point of contact on the customer journey, through unique and relevant brand experiences causing a great impact.

Measure - Right Insight

Customer experience measurement & Insights Optimization.

We help transform the volume of data that companies manage into useful information to improve business decision making. What data is needed, where to get it, what technology is required.

To provide answers to What happened? Why did it happen? What is going to happen? What should I do? based on four categories of analysis:

  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Reports & KPI’s
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
  • Modeling
  • Customer Value Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling

End to end solutions for decision making.

– Data Engineering & Big Data: We help clients ensure that their architecture is scalable and flexible to organizational changes. We work with clients to define new business models and use cases.

– Visualization: We help clients identify the correct KPIs and dashboards to effectively monitor performance and enable insight. As the decision cycle compresses, leadership at all levels of the organization seek real-time access to reports and the ability to “drill down” and explore data.

– Advanced Analytics: We help clients to generate a greater understanding of their drivers and future business perspectives, to proactively support decision-making. Not only do we help clients adopt Advanced Analytics to solve their most complex problems, we help them understand the strengths and limitations of such techniques, to help them become better informed, gain confidence, and produce tangible results.

  • Reports & KPI’s
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
  • Modeling
  • Customer Value Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation and Profiling

Innovation in everything we do.

We become specialists in any sector and apply technology and innovation in order to find the best solutions that improve the connection between companies and their clients.

Awards and recognition

More reasons to motivate us

Our principal reward is the trust of our clients and results obtained. But, actually, when a team effort receives the recognition it deserves, this also brings a smile to our face.