Experience Cloud, beyond digitization

Experience Cloud. Salesforce solution that allows us to create personalized digital experiences connected to the CRM.

Experience Cloud. Salesforce solution that allows us to create personalized digital experiences connected to the CRM.

Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, facilitates the creation of portals from which we can grant access to our business partners and our clients. It is gaining more and more popularity among companies since it represents a strategic opportunity to connect with our collaborators, streamlining business processes, or connect with customers, boosting engagement.

When we talk about Salesforce Communities we usually differentiate between two major use cases:

Customer Communities

These communities are created with the intention that our clients can interact directly with our CRM for example:

  • Giving them a place where they can find information about the company and contact the support team. In other words, our clients can benefit from typical Service Cloud functionalities such as the creation of Cases or consulting the company’s Knowledge Base for the self-resolution of Incidents.
  • Allowing them to have their information related to the service we provide them in one place: invoices, order history…

Partner communities

Sometimes companies have external collaborators who help them boost their business. It is often helpful for these partners to be able to access the CRM and work with the Salesforce functionalities. For these scenarios, Salesforce Communities is often chosen as a site type where they can:

  • Register your sales opportunities
  • Collaborate in the pipeline
  • Share relevant information about customers or leads
  • Prepare budgets and interact with the internal sales team, for example, requesting approval for them

These are the two big scenarios, however, the Salesforce Experience Cloud applications are very broad and its customization capabilities can help us boost its use.


When building a Community, we can configure its appearance so that it adapts to the look&feel of our company and users feel that they are using a corporate tool.

Omega CRM

Salesforce CMS

Salesforce CMS is the native content manager of Salesforce. This tool allows us to create and manage content in Salesforce and share it through different channels, including our communities.

But also, if we were already working with another CMS, no migration is necessary because Experience Cloud It allows us to connect our community with external CMS to be able to have the content we want at any time.

Boost SEO in the Experience Cloud

When we create a Community, we can decide whether it is restricted (you need a user and login to access it) or public, in which case it is available to anyone on the network.

In the case of public Communities, Salesforce allows us to optimize the ease with which our users can find the site on the web with tools to work on the SEO of our Community.

Mobile version

Finally, it is worth mentioning Salesforce Mobile Publisher, the powerful Salesforce solution that allows us to easily convert our community into a mobile application that we can publish on the GooglePlay and AppStore marketplaces.


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