Social Ads

Social Ads or advertising on social networks are a type of advertising that uses social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to impact your target audience.

Social Ads or advertising on social networks are a type of advertising that uses social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to impact your target audience.

The importance of paid social campaigns

Paid social campaigns play a very important role in achieving the marketing objectives of companies and more and more are using them, forming an important part of the marketing mix of even the leading brands in each sector.

The world of advertising on social networks is something that has evolved over the years, where we have seen the birth and incorporation of new social ads platforms, as well as transformations within from the same.

Some prominent Social Ads platforms are Facebook and Instagram (both grouped under Facebook Business Manager), which are the most used, although it is important to mention TikTok, Twitter or LinkedIn, also widely used within the industry .

These platforms are essential for brands, since they act as communication channels with their customers. That is why it is very important to know them, to know which are the most appropriate, as well as the optimal way to use each of these when establishing a social ads strategy that responds to the goals set by the companies.

How to implement social ads campaigns

When it comes to implementing campaigns, it’s important to follow a cycle of planning, executing and optimizing. In the planning phase, it is important to clearly define the objective of each campaign and what KPIs will be associated with said objective, as well as the target. Based on this, the most appropriate platform will be chosen and within each platform, what type of campaign will be configured.

The platforms and each of the campaigns can be oriented with different objectives, so prior to the implementation of each of the campaigns, the specific objective of this must be very clear, since in this way you can work on optimization of specific actions that will help achieve that goal. Some common objectives are the generation of reach and visibility, brand recognition, interaction with a publication, increase in followers, traffic to a website, generation of leads, achieve sales, obtain a certain ROAS, among others.

Once the campaigns have been launched, Omega CRM recommends following up regular monitoring of the KPIs to optimize the campaigns, something essential to ensure success.

Who is the target audience of the campaign?

It is very important to be clear about the profile you are going to target in each campaign. This can vary depending on the stage of the funnel of the user that you want to reach from the campaign. When segmenting, it is important to have defined geographic and demographic attributes of the potential user, as well as their interests.

Types of social ads

There are many ad formats on social networks and it is important to select the one that best suits our objective. The most common that we can find are:

  • Static image
  • Image sequence
  • Video
  • Storie (in the case of Facebook and Instagram)
  • Message (used to initiate a 1:1 conversion with the user)
  • Lead capture (includes a form)

What are the indicators to assess whether the campaign is successful?

This question is closely related to the objective chosen when implementing the campaign, since the campaign is optimized based on that objective. This is why the Social Ads KPIs to be evaluated are always determined by the chosen objective. This is the case, for example, if the objective of a campaign is to increase traffic, one of the key indicators would be the number of clicks or visits to the website achieved from the campaign, but if the objective is leads, one of the most important KPIs would be the total number of leads obtained.

Omega CRM

Advertising on social networks can often be a great ally for companies, since it helps in achieving their objectives, however, when not performing a good optimization can lead to a low return on investment. investment. It is for this reason that social ads agencies must carry out continuous optimization work, offering the best practices to clients.

At Omega CRM we have specialists in social ads who can help you improve your ROI in campaigns on social networks.


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