Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is an area of Digital Marketing that aims to automate processes and repetitive actions of your marketing strategy by providing marketers with a tool to segment customers and manage multichannel communications campaigns.

Marketing Automation is an area of Digital Marketing that aims to automate processes and repetitive actions of your marketing strategy by providing marketers with a tool to segment customers and manage multichannel communications campaigns.

What is it and what is it for?

With the customer at the center of all Marketing strategies, your company’s communication has to be precise, personalized and appropriate to the people who interact with it.

This marketing technique gives you the ability to offer your database personalized campaigns in real-time, targeted and data-driven with the aim of achieving engagement, conversion and loyalty.

Using a software like Salesforce, being your Marketing Automation consultant and agency, we help you personalize your company’s interactions with your customers and streamline them for a better experience, adapting messages to each moment of your customers’ lifecycle and automating actions such as segmenting leads, completing customer information, managing the database and keeping it active and connected.

What can we do with Marketing Automation?

The automation of marketing communications and processes allows you to create and deliver relevant and fully personalized messages to your customers through email, mobile, social and web experience channels effectively and efficiently, regardless of the size of your database.

To achieve this, marketing automation tools integrated with the best CRMs offer you the possibility to implement multiple Digital Marketing strategies without having to manually send each of your communications.

Regardless of who your target is and whether it is Marketing Automation B2B or B2C, we can help you turn your automation software into your best ally to identify relevant audiences, design powerful content, activate actions at the exact moment and accompany your customers based on their behavior.

In this way, each time you activate an action, you can concentrate on activating the next one, analyzing the results obtained and adjusting your marketing plan accordingly. This way you can also save both time and resources, while boosting revenue and ROI by focusing on growing your business.

Having leads that have been worked with Marketing Automation strategies produces, on average, up to a 20% increase in opportunities than doing it with raw leads, according to DemandGen Report. And the businesses that use marketing automation tools to accompany their prospects generate a 451% increase in the achievement of qualified leads.

What are the main advantages?

Marketing Automation is used with great results in business growth and maximization of leads with CRM software, technologies for customer relationship management. Among the many advantages that it can bring to your company, the following stand out:

  • Reduction of costs and times with a more optimal investment.
  • Improving customer management and the database providing more sales and conversion opportunities.
  • Increased productivity through more efficient planning.
  • Segmentation of target audiences and contact groups in real time.
  • Performance of follow-up and tracking of each action, both isolated and as a whole.
  • Increased awareness of your brand.

According to Salesforce Research, Marketing Automation results in up to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity along with a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

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We support you in your marketing automation strategy with these best practices

In order to design an effective Marketing Automation strategy, the following best practices must be taken into account:

  • Define goals and objectives. It is important to base yourself on real numbers that justify the investment in the best Marketing Automation platform for your interests and that allow you to assess the effectiveness of its implementation.
  • Collaborate with other teams. Your company’s Marketing Automation strategy must be based on teamwork from all the departments involved.
  • Create process visualizations. Using detailed diagrams of communication flows and automated processes is a good practice to convey objectives efficiently and effectively throughout the organization.
  • Segment the database. Taking your customer data into account and thinking about how to segment them is essential to ensure that each one receives the right message at the right time.
  • Prepare your content strategy. Creating interesting, attractive and relevant communications is essential to reach each customer at all stages of the life cycle with the ideal communication to achieve your goals.
  • Plan the implementation. Companies with the best Marketing Automation implementations plan and stagger their implementations to achieve quick-wins that help make the most of the investment and optimize each step towards success.
  • Analyze as you go. Seeing what works and what needs to be improved is possible thanks to the time recovered with automation. Going deeper into the analysis and making the changes that will make your business grow is essential to continue advancing

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