Data Cloud: a cross-cloud transformation with the CDP real-time

Data Cloud, the real-time Customer Data Platform

Data Cloud is the biggest innovation Salesforce has made in the last 20 years: a Customer Data Platform that works in real-time, capturing customer information and integrating different systems and channels to deliver personalised experiences across Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce.

This is how Genie changes the definition of what we have traditionally known as CRM -Customer Relationship Management-. From now on, customer relationship management has a truly 360º vision, automated, intelligent and in real time to provide personalisation to sales, marketing and customer service areas.

No-code Insights and high-speed innovation

Historically, data integrations have gone hand in hand with complex ETL tools and processes and have required a strong maintenance component. In addition, these integrations have often depended on IT departments and evolving them has been costly both financially and in terms of time and dedication. With no-code, point-and-click integrations, Salesforce Genie eliminates the biggest difficulty teams face today when considering implementing and evolving a CDP.

Salesforce Data Cloud makes day-to-day life easier for your marketing users and empowers them by giving them the ability to be autonomous in managing the platform. At the same time, it reduces the involvement of IT teams in routine maintenance tasks, allowing them to focus on the architecture of the systems. And it introduces a new standard of data analytics that should enable business analysts to work deeply with data and discover insights at high speed without relying on third parties, continuously iterating and accelerating change in both analytics and innovation.

How does Data Cloud relate to the rest of the Salesforce clouds?

The great advantage of Data Cloud is that it is not a platform in itself, its magic lies in its ability to work with every Salesforce cloud and thus be able to generate impact in Marketing, Customer Service, Commerce, Sales, etc. Here are some ideas on how to put it into practice:

  • Service Cloud: Data Cloud integrates with Service offering real-time data in the customer file to take engagement with each customer a step further. The magic of Genie in Service is real-time recommendations, delivery alerts and personalised offers based on all the information collected in the Customer Data Platform.
  • Sales Cloud: Data Cloud is the ideal component for tracking sales activity, conversations with each customer and the offers made at any given moment. In this cloud, its magic is used to understand in greater depth all the pieces linked to each opportunity and offer recommendations and predictions to personalise the workflow with each one of them.
  • Marketing Cloud: with Data Clolud it is easy and intuitive to configure highly complex segments, activate them in the different touchpoints configured in the solution and obtain insights on their operation and performance. This makes it easier to create personalised messages through different channels that adapt to the activity and preferences of each customer in real time.
  • Commerce Cloud: Data Cloud is the ideal assistant for ecommerce with its ability to create shopping experiences that adapt to the needs of each customer in real time, accompanying them throughout the process.
  • Tableau: connected with Genie, Tableau provides the business analyst with the ability to build visualisations on the performance of all the data integrated in the Customer Data Platform.
  • The cross-cloud transformation

    Salesforce Data Cloud is the first CRM platform that works in real time, and it is in this and the magic it is able to work across the different clouds of the Salesforce technology stack that its transformative power lies. With true cross-cloud capabilities, Data Cloud aligns the various stakeholders of companies by connecting the major areas of Marketing, Service, Sales, Commerce and Analytics and helps them exceed customer expectations by identifying key moments and enabling them to generate personalised interactions.

    By ensuring access to real-time, consolidated information across all customer touch points, Data Cloud enables teams to tailor the experiences they deliver to be authentically relevant.

    If you’d like to learn more about Salesforce Data Cloud, how to implement and how to activate key segments at the right times to take your company to the next level, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to walk you through the magic.

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