Salesforce and Blockchain Integration for the Leading Digital Business School

The project


In 2018 ISDI has been selected worldwide as a Salesforce EMEA Academy partner with the aim of maximizing technical and practical knowledge of Salesforce by combining Salesforce training with ISDI’s experience in digital business transformation.

The Omega team collaborates with ISDI in this initiative, being official trainers of the Salesforce programs in ISDI. Our Certified Salesforce Instructors allow us to offer Salesforce courses with quality assurance.


ISDI has developed, together with Omega, the first version of a solution that integrates Salesforce and Blockchain to permanently store the student’s Electronic Academic Record. This communication between Salesforce and a distributed database such as Blockchain provides a solution to securely certify any type of student credential (attendance, grades, activity, diplomas…) resulting in a reliable way to support the digital monitoring of any student. at ISDI. In addition, this solution allows rules to be defined in Salesforce to generate personalized student credentials that are later also stored automatically in the Blockchain so that they can be easily shared and validated by anyone, resulting in a way to generate trust and at the same time offering a gamification process for the entire ISDI ecosystem. This integration also leverages the capabilities of Salesforce Communities to make credentials visible to the learner through a private portal.

The challenge was
  • Improve recruitment in the admissions process.
  • Optimize academic planning and the use of internal resources.
  • Build student loyalty throughout the entire ISDI relationship process.
  • Enable efficient management of content copyright payments
  • Establish communities of relationships between professors, mentors, students and ISDI staff.
  • Improve the B2B business of talent and loyalty of companies
  • Track business management and return on actions at the click of a button on cell phones
  • Certify student credentials and securely store academic records
Solucion de Salesforce y Blockchain para ISDI
We apply solutions
  • Design a solution based on the functionalities of Salesforce (Files Connect + Federated Search) Sales cloud, Service cloud, Analytics, Marketing Cloud (Pardot) and Google Drive
  • Management of copyright payments for content
  • Automation of processes between different areas with a transversal vision in the sales cloud
  • Blockchain integration for certification of student credentials and registration of academic records
  • Design of admission campaigns and nurturing of candidates
  • Admission process integrated with Google and automated for coordination of all actors
  • Campaign monitoring dashboards and admission funnel
Omega CRM
The results
  • Improvement in the payment management process
  • Increased internal efficiency
  • Decision making based on correct information and in real time
  • Improvement of the performance of recruitment campaigns and time-to-market of marketing actions
  • Certification of student credentials and automatic storage in Blockchain
  • Improved student experience and satisfaction with ISDI programs
  • Improved member-get-member ratio

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