A flexible and scalable data model for CINFA

The project

CINFA is the laboratory with the greatest presence in the homes of our country. With a trajectory of more than half a century, this laboratory is 100% nationally owned. Located in Navarre, they are market leaders of the Spanish pharmaceutical sector, both in terms of units and values (Source: IQVIA, December 2020), as they continue to grow in various countries.

Their slogan “Life moves us”, reflects the commitment to health of the 1.200 professionals that make up the CINFA-team.

In June 2021 CINFA decides to opt for Digital Transformation, provided by Salesforce and Omega CRM as strategic partners, in order to have a tool in place that allows them to centralize all Client communications.

The challenge was
  • To dispose of a tool that enables the automated and personalized sending of communications.
  • Integrated database that provides a 360-degree view of Clients.
  • To avoid sending communications manually.
  • To be able to measure the results of different campaigns, emails and activities in real time.
  • To improve the look and feel of the communications.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the sending of communications.
We apply solutions

One of the most important aspects for CINFA was to establish a correct plan of implementation and progressive growth. On the basis of this objective, Omega CRM tailored a work strategy through which CINFA’s computers, processes and methodologies could be adapted, and results could be collected fast.

Keeping this objective in mind, it was decided to develop the cloud-based Marketing Automation strategy of Salesforce Marketing Cloud focused on B2B for pharmacies and health professionals, constructing the bases of the 360 customer view on the CRM solution.

In order to guarantee the success of the Project, a Digital Assets analysis was carried out, taking into account the most common emails of CINFA. On the basis of this analysis different categories were identified (according to the message, design and typology of the communication). The objective of this division was to arrive at the creation of minimal, suitable templates that could be applied to all the identified needs. With these templates, designed and tailored by Omega, it is possible to carry out the personalization and segmentation needed for the most common communications of CINFA through the Marketing Cloud.

Desde entonces Omega y CINFA siguen trabajando de manera conjunta y satisfactoria en el mantenimiento de la plataforma, así como en el desarrollo de nuevas funcionalidades para la continua evolución de la herramienta y procesos.

Since then Omega and CINFA have continued to collaborate satisfactorily on the maintenance of the platform, as well as on the development of new functions for the continued evolution of the tool and the processes involved.

Omega CRM
The results

Thanks to the implementation of Salesforce, CINFA disposes of a unique tool for the management and mailing of different communications regarding their clientele, enabling the segmentation and personalization of contents, the creation of omnichannel 1to1 and 1toM campaigns for the different client lifecycles, making decisions based on behavior and evaluation of criteria.

Additionally, CINFA is able to analyze the state and results of the different client-related actions in real time as well as measure KPI’s, thus obtaining a detailed view that underpins the decision making process.

CINFA has gained autonomy and effectiveness as far as their mailings are concerned. Thanks to Salesforce Marketing Cloud it is able to plan and test with anticipation the mailings as well as carry out last minute mailings which have to go out immediately because of some business requirements. The continued training that was carried out during the implementation and the great adoption of the tool, allow the CINFA team to adapt itself to the business needs.

CINFA dispone ahora de un modelo de datos flexible y escalable a las necesidades futuras, siendo la base Salesforce Consumer Goods.

CINFA now disposes of a flexible and scalable data model for future needs: The Salesforce Consumer Goods database.


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