Acción contra el Hambre

Taking partner and donor data security to a new level with Salesforce Shield

The project

The Acción Contra el Hambre Foundation (Action Against Hunger) was founded in France by a group of French doctors, scientists, and writers with one mission: to end world hunger. Since then they have been working against the consequences and causes of malnutrition in 50 countries to save lives through the prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition.

Action Against Hunger has a strong commitment to transparency, data protection and compliance, as demonstrated by its governance mechanisms and adherence to initiatives for the Protection of People such as the Digital Pact for the Protection of People, promoted by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

With the aim of continuing to promote its commitment to privacy in the business models of the third sector and to make the right to data protection compatible with innovation, ethics and business competitiveness, Action Against Hunger decided to strengthen its confidence in solutions from Salesforce to implement an encryption and security solution, going hand in hand with Omega as a premium partner with whom it has been collaborating since 2020.

The challenge was
  • Provide an advanced protection system for sensitive information based on Salesforce that allows native encryption of confidential data identified by the organization.
  • Provide an additional layer of protection for the information contained in Acción Contra el Hambre Salesforce, in compliance with the entity’s own regulations.
  • Facilitate a system that allows the individual encryption of fields.
  • Reduce the impact to users, existing processes or future reporting.
Salesforce Shield ofrece más seguridad en los datos de donantes y socios
We apply solutions

Ación contra el Hambre has once again relied on Omega CRM, as a Salesforce Premium partner, to carry out the implementation of Salesforce Shield, as an advanced security and encryption tool for its CRM’s sensitive information, with which it has responded to the stated requirements:

  • Comply with the entity’s own compliance policy.
  • Evaluate the possible impact that the implementation of Shield could cause in all fields and processes and look for mitigation strategies.
  • Adaptation of the developments previously carried out to ensure its correct and continuous operation.
  • Deterministic encryption scheme implementation.
  • Specific training for system administrators for its correct daily use.
Omega CRM
The results
  • Encryption of sensitive data through an “at rest” encryption system that prevents external access to sensitive data.
  • Zero impact on users, whose daily operations with Salesforce are not affected in any way.
  • The use of the “Deterministic” encryption scheme allows avoiding an impact on already implemented processes or on the generation of reports on encrypted data.
  • 100% ACH autonomy when it comes to managing the encryption of new fields, new encryption keys and, in general, over the Shield operation

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