Francisco de Vitoria University

Educational marketing: a 360 vision of the student with Salesforce

The project

The Francisco de Vitoria University (UFV) is a private university located in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid. UFV is part of a network of universities that includes higher education institutions in Europe, the United States, Mexico and South America.

In 2018 UFV undertakes a process of Digital Transformation in order to implement a platform that allows it to have a 360 view of the student through the centralization of personal information and information related to the various relationships said person has inside and outside the university; in addition to having the information of different companies, institutions and organizations relevant to UFV. This platform must also support the various business processes and provide a management portal for candidates and students.

The challenge was
  • Establish a single front-end for managing candidates (students), entities and contacts (alumni, family members, employees, collaborators…), providing a 360º view on a single platform.
  • Provide support to the commercial processes of recruitment and admission of students from the different areas of UFV.
  • Enable a student portal, so that the candidate can manage their admission process: uploading the required documentation, monitoring the process, validation status, etc.
  • Enable the necessary processes to control and validate the documentation submitted by the candidate in the admission process.
  • Implement a process for managing scholarships for students and candidates.
  • Establish a multi-channel communication platform: e-mail, SMS; with personalized journeys that automate the sending of communications based on the student’s interactions within the recruitment and/or admission process.
marketing educativo con UFV
We apply solutions

Omega is selected by UFV as an implementation partner of the Salesforce platform, carrying out the implementation of the following clouds: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud and developing the following tasks:

  • Design and implementation of the data architecture model, based on Salesforce’s EDA (Education Data Architecture).
  • Definition and implementation of business processes to support the recruitment, admission and scholarship management processes.
  • Deployment of a candidate portal for managing the admission process, developed on Salesforce Communities.
  • Implementation of Marketing Cloud and support in the definition of journeys for the recruitment and admission cycles of students.
  • Integration of the platform with the UFV Academic Management System.

Omega currently continues to collaborate with UFV both in maintenance tasks for the Salesforce platform and in the development of new initiatives.

Omega CRM
The results

UFV has a 360-degree view of candidates, contacts, companies and institutions, as well as the different relationships between UFV contacts and other entities of interest to the organization. In addition, UFV has a record of the interactions carried out with the different contacts through UFV’s communication channels.

UFV candidates and students have a direct channel that allows them to manage their admission process and monitor their status in real time. This means for UFV a reduction of both administrative tasks and time in the process, thanks to self-management by the student.

The solution implemented for the management of documentation allows UFV to easily control and validate the documentation submitted by the student in the admissions portal, allowing for greater efficiency in the process.

Thanks to the specific journeys for the recruitment and admissions processes, UFV can automatically trigger communications with candidates and students at specific times, in order to boost the commercial process.

The platform also allows UFV to have all the information centralized in a single platform, with reports and dashboards that provide real-time information on processes and activities.


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