Community Manager, a new figure for the 21st century

In a world driven by social networks where users spend an average of 2 hours a day immersed in the scroll of TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, a key figure is born as a link between brands and digital communities, the Community Manager.

A figure that emerges in the new era of digitalisation, but what does their job consist of? Do we really know what their functions are? Read more

A company’s Community Manager administers the social networks of a company or brand, and is responsible for creating and managing the digital community to transmit the brand’s values to users. They are a key player in the dissemination of content through digital platforms.

What are the functions of a Community Manager?

In general terms, they are in charge of the company’s digital reputation, of informing, communicating and interacting with users in the digital environment. In addition to

  • Generating content in accordance with the company’s strategy and action plan.
  • Optimise the social platforms defined in the strategy, scheduling and programming publications.
  • Be the promoter of the brand
  • Listen and interact with the community, responding to their doubts, comments or complaints.
  • Monitor the basic results to be able to analyse how the content in the profile is working.

We emphasise the importance of their soft skills

A Community Manager stands out for their soft skills, they must be a communicative person who knows how to transmit information correctly. Passionate, curious and investigative, a person who likes their job and who wants to know more every day, investigates the information they find, analyses and verifies to avoid any mistakes. Without forgetting creativity and the power to devise and communicate to all digital users, as well as analysis, we must never overlook the analysis of those actions we do to improve and avoid mistakes in the future. A proactive and flexible person, always ready to propose new options understanding all the points of view of the team that accompanies him.

At Omega CRM, from the digital agency area, we work to help our clients to improve their communications on social networks through strategic proposals, analysing the client and their target in depth. We also take into account the characteristics of each platform, adapting the message according to the action and the social network through which it is carried out or where it is published. Making use of specialised tools such as Salesforce or Podio, which allow us to schedule and organise all publications from both an overview and in detail.

Looking to improve your social media strategy and raise the level of your profile and communications? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you give your social media accounts a new lease of life.

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