Omega CRM visits Dreamforce, a Salesforce event

After more than 2 years… We’re back in San Francisco! Last month we enjoyed the biggest annual event organised by Salesforce: Dreamforce.

A unique meeting for the entire community around the Salesforce ecosystem to learn, have fun, share ideas, learn about all the innovations in the industry and, of course, expand the network of contacts.

In addition, this year we sponsored and participated in one of the MasterClasses that were scheduled, to talk about a very innovative future of technology and its application in the field of business.

During three intense days, we enjoyed the conferences, inspiring sessions, trends and new products, as well as sharing experiences, talking about the future of #technology and #innovation in the business world. And this year, as a novelty, the format was hybrid, Salesforce brought the event to those who could not attend in person through Salesforce+, with a greater reach, about 150,000 attendees, both in person and from the Salesforce+ platform.

The launch of major digital solutions, (Marketing Cloud Genie (CDP), the partnership with WhatsApp), but also everything that has been new in and around Marketing Cloud (Journey Builder, Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama), Account Engagement (Pardot) and more).

As the main new feature Genie, which allows to automate the 360 customer experience, being more intelligent and operational in real time. It is the future of personalised customer experiences, as it unifies customer data across all channels to offer a 360 customer experience. An increasingly personalised customer experience, adapted to customer changes and needs. Genie runs on Hyperforce public cloud infrastructure, which allows us to connect data from different channels in real time, as well as execution across #marketing, #ecommerce, #Sales, #Service.

In addition, it has a connection to Snowflake, known as zero data copy architecture, without moving or duplicating data Genie can access the data stored in Snowflake, and vice versa. Big brands presented their successful projects with this new technology as they rely on it to improve communication with their customers.

We also learned about the innovations of Slack, which allows teams to be more productive, can provide the data that employees need and automate workflows that can be critical.

Net Zero Marketplace, linked to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction, enables companies to increase the reach of initiatives they undertake to protect the environment on a large scale. It connects buyers and eco-preneurs, and has a climate action centre where any individual can learn about these initiatives.

All the innovations that were presented at Dreamforce 22, Salesforce is bringing them to Spain at Innovation Day on 18 and 20 October in Madrid and Barcelona respectively. We will once again be sponsoring these events. We are delighted to continue helping and supporting Salesforce to bring #innovation to our customers.



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