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Multiply downloads of ONCE Foundation’s “Por Talento” apps

The project

Inserta Empleo, an ONCE Foundation entity whose objective is to achieve job placement for people with disabilities, is responsible for managing Por Talento, a platform that puts people with disabilities and companies in contact. This platform has 2 apps: one aimed at jobseekers and the other at companies, both with a presence on both Google Play and the App Store.

In September 2021, a project is launched to increase the hiring of people with disabilities throughout the national territory through different actions that lead to an increase in downloads of the Applicants and Companies Por Talento apps.

The challenge was
  • Modernize the look & feel of the app logos, helping to better distinguish between the app aimed at jobseekers and the one aimed at companies.
  • Effectively capture leads from companies through a landing page and from applicants through the direct download of the apps.
  • Improve the visibility of apps on Google Play and the App Store.
  • Create a PR plan for prescribers (companies, media and influencers) to report on the utilities of the apps for both applicants and companies.
  • Impact the different audiences of Por Talento in those digital channels they usually visit, making them aware of the advantages of each app with advertising campaigns and achieving ambitious goals in terms of clicks, impressions and downloads.
We apply solutions

For Inserta Empleo, it was very important to achieve the click and impression objectives with the advertising campaigns, without losing sight of the main challenge, which was to increase the number of app downloads. Based on these objectives, Omega designed a 360 strategy.

Firstly, the design of the app logos was improved and a very visual landing page was designed to capture leads from companies in which the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and using the app were explained in a simple way.

An ASO plan was developed to optimize the positioning of apps on Google Play and the App Store, so that more potential users could find them on these marketplaces. Improvements were introduced in images, descriptions, promotional texts, keywords, categories and labels.

Omega also created a PR plan where a selection of influencers for jobseekers was made. and for companies with which to collaborate for them to make the apps known. Likewise, proposals were made for offline events, for collaborations with companies and media, both digital and TV and radio, and recommendations were offered for actions with own media.

Finally, a media plan (paid media) was developed and executed in RRSS and Google Ads. They studied which channels were the most suitable for each type of target audience and different types of campaigns were launched with different formats that valued the advantages of the apps. Additionally, in the cases of TikTok and LinkedIn, we collaborated with different influencers to promote the dissemination of the apps on those channels.

Omega CRM
The results

The redesign of the logos and the improvements introduced in the ASO plan resulted in increased visibility and conversion, increasing the number of related keywords positioned and app ratings (+148 ratings for applicant app and + 17 for company app).

The paid media campaigns achieved more than 11 million views and more than 98,000 clicks, as well as 5,394 downloads (4,865 from the applicant app and 429 from the company app), exceeding the initial download target of 120-200 downloads by 44,845%.

General results:

  • Downloads: 5,394 (+44,845%)
  • Impressions: 11,389,406 (+41.36%)
  • Clicks: 98,127
  • Conversion rate: 5.5% (+27,400%)

Results by channels:

  • Facebook: 4,207,760 impressions and 17,355 clicks
  • Instagram: 3,049,380 impressions and 4,613 clicks
  • Linkedin: 447,840 impressions and 3,554 clicks
  • Google Ads: 3,156,935 impressions and 55,008 clicks

In all the channels managed by Omega, results were achieved in CPC and CPM at a cost lower than the industry average.

To this must be added the results obtained by the influencers on TikTok and LinkedIn, who together achieved more than 220,000 views on their posts about the apps.

The established objectives were, therefore, widely exceeded and Inserta Empleo now has a high number of users in the apps, who can be helped to hire employees with disabilities (companies) or to obtain employment/improve their training (jobseekers).


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