Pronovias Group

Solid foundations to accelerate the digital transformation of the world leader in the wedding dress sector

The project

Pronovias Group, a pioneer in bridal fashion since 1964, is a world leader in its segment. In recent years, and after the purchase of the company by the investor group BC Partners, the company initiated an expansion and growth plan in which, to accelerate its digital transformation and establish solid foundations on which to catapult, they bet on Salesforce technology and the accompaniment of Omega CRM. With the aim of focusing on B2C end customer service in 2018 Pronovias began the journey with the implementation of Service Cloud as CRM followed by Marketing Cloud in the management of communication with customers.

The challenge was
  • Centralize disaggregated Client information
  • Adapt the services to the final Client in line with the demands and the evolution of the market
  • Support an ambitious international expansion project
  • Provide Marketing and Sales teams with a 360 view of the client
  • Lay the foundations to implement a multichannel and omnichannel strategy
  • Personalize communication with the client and improve the shopping experience
  • Guarantee that all communication with the client was carried out using corporate tools
We apply solutions

In order to face these challenges, it was decided to implement the following solutions:

  1. Salesforce Service Cloud (CRM),
    1. Integrating the solution with other systems to provide a 360 view of the client
    2. Configuring and customizing the customer service console for an intuitive interface that facilitates the management of incoming cases through the existing channels up to now (e.g., telephone, email and web)
  2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud for communication campaigns,
    1. Integrating the platform as a fundamental part in the creation, automation and personalization of the Customer Journey of clients from stores
    2. Orchestrating communication through the different channels and shipments
  3. Expansion of Salesforce capabilities to integrate social media into contact center activity,
    1. Actively listening to what happens on social networks and generating engagement with the company’s customers (B2C and B2B)
    2. Integrating the solution with the CRM to provide a single view of all communication with customers from both Customer Service and Store
    3. Laying the internal foundations for the integration of new communication channels to personalize and improve the shopping experience (e.g., WhatsApp and Webchat)

Led by Omega CRM, the digital transformation of the Pronovias Group began with the implementation of CRM (Salesforce Service Cloud). This solution would provide the company with a new platform integrated with business-related systems such as the POS in stores and franchises, as well as a Contact Center switchboard, Web pages, Appointment management tools and Business Intelligence platforms.

Within the Omega CRM project, he designed and configured a flexible and robust data model in order to support the growth of the group. Within the corporate strategy, the inclusion of new brands, the opening of new markets, as well as an agile and simple integration with both current and future systems should be considered.

In the field of building the bride’s Customer Journey, work was done on the automation, personalization and segmentation of communications at the different points of contact through Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Examples range from the confirmation of the first date to the making of the dress and achieving the perfect wedding.

It should be noted that the Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud solutions are multi-language. In addition, its modularity allows sustained and gradual growth, as well as meeting new market needs. A recent example includes the activation of the WhatsApp channel for direct, controlled and contextualized communication between customers and stores. This channel complements other actions orchestrated through emails, SMS and calls, in addition to personal contacts in the store.

Omega CRM
The results
  • Improvement of the average click rates and the quality of the visits generated both to the web and to the physical store, where the client’s contextual information becomes a key tool in sales.
  • Increase in interaction to more than 20,000 WhatsApp conversations and 4,000 chats during the first 6 months of using the channel.
  • Reduction of the No Show, increase in the number of appointments (+23% compared to 2019), and improvement in the effectiveness in the conversion of appointments (+8% compared to 2019).
  • Decrease in incoming calls from clients of between 20 and 30%.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency of the Contact Center department, which has been able to take on twice as many cases with 50% of the team, managing even more channels (social networks and web chat).
  • Improvement in the collaboration between front of the house and back of the house in the traceability and management of communication with the client

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